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ROMPCO Board of Directors

The ROMPCO Board of Directors is the focal point and custodian of governance in the company. In line with its annual meeting plan, the board meets at least four times a year and has adopted a board charter that includes a statement of governance principles to guide their activities.
The Board consists of 9 directors, comprising 3 executive and 6 non- executive directors. They are:
P Gregorio
Non-executive Director
  • Chairman of the Rompco Board
  • Director - ENH
M M Zwane
Non-executive Director
  • Director of South African Gas Development Company
K Solani
Non-executive Director
  • Senior Vice President Public Affairs and Real Estate Services
L M dos A N Aiuba
Non-executive Director
  • Director - ENH
MA Mangueira
Non-executive Director
  • Director - CMG
M Sadeed
Non-executive Director
  • Acting Chief Operations Officer, South African Gas Development Company
E Govender
Executive Director
  • Chief Financial Officer, Sasol Energy
GL Khoele
O Rodolfo
A Moodaly
N Khan